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The Curriculum in general.

Teachers plan half termly units of work for their class based on assessment and prior knowledge. The objectives are taken directly from the National Curriculum for the year group, however, it may be necessary to take objectives from the year group below to support children struggling with a particular concept. We call these year group objectives ‘stages’ and these are shared with children through our writing and reading Learning Ladders (link) As you will notice, Stages 3 & 4, 5 & 6 are combined as they are under the National Curriculum. We use the ‘metal system’ and assessment for learning to work within lessons and allow children to identify their own level of challenge.


We begin teaching reading and writing through a programme of systematic, synthetic phonics using the Letters and Sounds scheme. We use assessment to adapt our teaching to match the emerging needs of early readers and writings.


This is coupled with guided reading. We use quality books which are finely banded to ensure progressively challenging material. KS1 children also have the opportunity to take home a book to share with their parents which may be harder than they can independently access to encourage shared reading at home. Past the lime level, children then have access to a wide range of un-banded children literature to develop a love of reading, covering a range of exciting authors and topics.


Writing it taught following a learning journey which aims to creatively teach the skills needed by children to write purposefully. Most of our writing is driven through the use of a class novel or story, linked closely with IL. We use the National Curriculum to teach progressive skills, spellings and grammatical content.


We have focussed on the punctuation in a paragraph and refer to this as POP. It is a term used by adults and children throughout the school to remind children about the basics of sentence writing and why it is important.


Click here for a list of key Autumn texts A1 key texts

Literacy Policy

Literacy Vision


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