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Class Page: Year 1

Autumn Term

In the Autumn Term Year 1 completed a range of activities based on Africa and The Arctic. The children researched and compared the type of homes and animals that you would find in both locations. The different types of weather and clothes that you would wear was also considered. We have looked at maps of the world and have compared the African and the Arctic environments to our homes in West Bromwich. This work was completed through practical exploration of large floor maps, using pictures, searching the internet and finding a range of information in picture books. We then applied this knowledge into our creative development through painting, printing and designing our own African clothing and creating images on the computer. Embedded within all of this was the development of phonic knowledge, writing skills, numeracy skills and spellings.

Spring Term

In the Spring Term Year 1 completed a range of work based on the theme of ‘Into the woods’. Literacy and cross curricular work was completed based on a number of books which included ‘Into the forest’ and ‘The Tunnel’ by Antony Browne, along with ‘Fox’ by Margaret Wild and ‘Where the Wild Thing Are’ by Maurice Sendak. Our cross curricular work included comparing urban and local localities, identifying objects and locations on a map and reading and plotting co-ordinates. A selection of art activities were completed including woodland scenes based on Monet’s painting and the creation of our own ‘Wild Things’ – these were very colourful and entertaining! In history we researched the character of Robin Hood and completed a very different and exciting play fencing lesson. Our educational visit to Cannock Chase Forest enabled us to extend our learning experiences into the wider outside environment and further work was completed based on plants and animals. Class 1 also planted beans, nurtured them and measured them as they grew. We also went to church and took part in a Baptism ceremony as part of the work in our Religious Education lessons.

Summer Term

The theme for the Summer Term is ‘At the seaside’. Work to be completed includes looking at the seaside experience now and in the past. How our seaside resorts have changed will include looking at different types of entertainment, for example, building sandcastles on the beach and enjoying a Punch and Judy show. We will also consider how people travelled to and from the seaside and how fashion and transport has changed over time. Activities on important historical people such as Grace Darling and the establishment and work of the Royal National Life Boat Institution will be undertaken. Our art and design work will include making moving puppets and creating seaside pictures inspired by the artist Lowery. Science work will be based on the different groupings and characteristics of animals including humans and on the seasons of Spring and Summer. We will also be making boats and completing tests to see which materials and shape of boats will float the best. The children and teachers will take part in an exciting ‘Pirate’ dressing up day and activities completed will support the work being undertaken in our Literacy sessions.

Our learning ten and our 40 days of kindness challenge will continue to be at the centre of all activities undertaken.


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