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Class Page: Year 6

Autumn term

During the Autumn term, Year 6 explored the Vikings- how they lived in Britain and the impact they had on Britain. We visited Jorvik to see the legacy the Vikings left. The children wanted to make Viking longboats, so we did, investigating mechanical components and testing out our woodwork skills, using our DT workbench where children applied our learning 10 behaviours of risk taking and perseverance with this new skill. We also put our cooking skills to the test, hosting a Viking banquet where parents were treated to some delicious Vikings dishes.

The literature we explored in English linked to our topic. Children explored the novel, ‘How to train your dragon.’ As we read through the novel, children practised writing a range of different purposes and considered how the grammar skills they use can have an impact on the reader.


Spring term-

When we became forensic scientists!

Our classroom completely transformed into a crime scene. For our stunning start we were fortunate to have a forensic team come in and show us how detectives collect evidence. In our Irresistible Learning activities, we conducted many scientific investigations collaborating together as forensic teams: testing blood samples; analysing hair and fibre samples; investigating finger prints. We also applied our Maths skills and our leaning 10 behaviour of problem solving by working out the angle of impact from blood splatters. Using our imagination studio, we took cases to the court, putting suspects on trial and presenting some very thorough arguments. We had some very enthusiastic prosecution and defence teams.

Summer term

During our summer term, we will be exploring the Ancient Egyptians. We will be becoming tour guides, blogging about some of the most famous landmarks found in Egypt. We will be exploring the impact the Ancient Egyptians had on society. We will be applying our Geography skills to explore biomes and the physical and human features of Egypt.

As year 6’s time at St Mary Magdalene C of E Primary School comes to an end, we enjoy celebrating the achievements of our children throughout all their years here. This year we are being very aspirational and creating our own script, alongside tutors from Ingestre Hall, for our end of year production. We cannot wait to showcase the talents of our year 6 children in July.


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