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Reading at St Mary Mags

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Autumn First Half Term 2017

We have kicked off this year with lots of new exciting ideas and events to promote reading for pleasure.

Some of the highlights so far include:

Our own reading motto

As staff and children we discussed what reading means to us, creating our own motto which will be displayed around school. We believe:

St Mary Magdalene readers experience a lifetime of wonders!



A visit from an author-Christian Darkin

On Friday 6th October Christian spent the day in school.  He is an author of books for children, and an animator for childrens TV (Cbeebies). He talked to the whole school about writing, illustration and animation, sharing some of his stories and a time lapse video of him writing a book.   During the day, all classes engaged in workshops with Christian:  the younger children used photos from an animation  and worked together to come up with a story to tell the rest of the class; the older children designed a character for a villain, then they worked together to tell the story of how their villains acted, what crime they committed, and how it all went wrong. We thoroughly enjoyed the day we got to spend with Christian and thank him for signing his books for us too. 

Christian Darkin

 Books take you places

We have now completed our  first community book drop offs in Las Vegas, Poland and Sydney. Staff took books over, chosen by our children and dropped them in some very special places.  We hope that who ever picks them up will get in touch and send us an acknowledgement that someone, somewhere else in the world is enjoying reading the books we do here at St Mary Magdalene C of E Primary School. Look at the journeys the books have been on…

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Got caught reading!

We have started transforming some of the areas around school so that children can enjoy reading in all different places.  We now have a display board which celebrates moments of both staff and children reading for pleasure and we have an emoji display board to capture the emotions and feelings we get from what we read. Our school librarians regularly update these boards along with new upcoming events.



 Everyone’s a readerright book

We know that some of us love a good book to read but sometimes we fancy reading something a little different. We have extended the range of reading material we have in our library to ensure we are engaging all children – their passions, interests and their reading for pleasure. Here are some of the new magazines we have had come into school.




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